Letra Dance again canta Jennifer López

Dance again

Jennifer López




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Shimmy shimmy yah,

Shimmy yam,

Shimmy yay,

I'm a ol' dirty dog all day,

No way José,

Your girl only go one way ¡ay mi madre!,

You should check that out,

Maybe you ain't turn her out,

Maybe it's none of my business,

But for now work it out,

Let's get this, dale...

Nobody knows what I'm feeling inside,

I find it so stupid,

So why should I hide,

That I love to make love to you baby,

(Yeah, make love to me)

So many ways wanna touch you tonight,

I'm a big girl got no secrets this time,

Yeah I love to make love to you baby,

(Yeah make love to me)...

If this would be a perfect world,

We'd be together then,

(Let's do it do it do it)

Only got just one life this I've learned,

Who cares what they're gonna say,

(Let's do it do it do it)....

I wanna dance,

And love,

And dance again,

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